Yard Waste Removal

Yard waste clean up isn't simply a project for grass and leaf removal. It can also include any number of things you’ve cut, trimmed or dug up out your yard. While you might get by with your residential green waste container, if sprucing up your property becomes a big project, you can produce more waste than your green bin can manage.

Winter weather can leave tons of debris on your property such as tree branches and piles of leaves. Spring weather often brings back lawns and the need for landscaping work. In addition, your new gardening or landscaping projects can also generate piles of dirt and debris.

Yard waste removal is often a seasonal process. For example, the winter months are marked by neglect and the destruction of things left outdoors. Once spring is in the air, even the most organized household can end up with unwanted or broken appliances, and piles of clothing that are damaged or a little outdated.

And, if you’re a gardener, you might find yourself dealing with piles of empty bags, old planters and lawn furniture. Leaves, containers, branches, mulch or clippings, will keep piling up through the spring. And taking it all to the dump is time consuming and burdensome, even if you have a vehicle for the job.

But you don't want to let that waste sit around your property. It can be hazard to your family, not to mention an eyesore. However, you may find that you've generated more debris and waste than you can easily get rid of on your own.

If you don’t want the trash to continue to pile up, hiring a yard waste removal company to clean up the mess is a great solution. Maybe you’ve never considered a professional junk hauling firm for your yard waste disposal. Even large amounts of trimmings, foliage, and organic waste and debris might seem like an odd thing for a junk removal company to deal with.

Actually, it's not! In fact, at Canyon State Hauling, we remove almost all types of yard debris, including:

  • Branches

  • Clippings

  • Stumps

  • Soil

  • Sod

  • Landscaping Debris

In addition, we specialize in hauling all types of debris generated by residential landscaping and improvement projects such as fencing, firewood, lumber, old timber, plasterboard and other waste materials, as well as yard waste recycling.

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